IH21 Handheld UHF RFID Reader

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The IH21 handheld RFID reader is for use with Honeywell mobile computers when high-performance RFID reading in a compact, lightweight package is required. Sleek, semi-rugged, and lightweight, the IH21 reader helps speed up retail inventory counts, omni-channel order fulfillment, product receiving, shelf restocking, and pick lists, increasing efficiency and productivity.


  • Read More Tags In Less Time
    The fast RFID module and versatile antenna design enables rapid tag reading in front of the antenna with high accuracy counting of all tags in the area and virtually eliminating bad read results.
  • Lightweight, Ergonomic, and Rugged
    A lightweight and ergonomic design makes the IH21 reader comfortable to use all day long while the semi-rugged construction helps protect against drops and falls.
  • Single-Point Device Charging
    The ePop-Loq® system allows simultaneous charging of the IH21 reader and connected mobile computer in the docking station, ensuring both are ready for use.
  • Secure Data Transfer
    The ePop-Loq provides a direct connection between the handheld terminal and the IH21 reader, eliminating interferences or connection losses and giving peace of mind with secure data transfer.
  • USB or Bluetooth Connectivity
    The IH21 connects to the mobile computer via either USB or Bluetooth® – users can choose whichever one best suits their use case, reducing investments needed in charging accessories.
  • Compatible with Popular Retail Models
    The IH21 reader is compatible with many popular Honeywell retail mobile computing solutions including the Dolphin™ 75e, CT40, CT50, and CT60, as well as the ScanPal™ EDA50 series.
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