Jamison Thin 78"

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Jamison Thin Portal® 78″

Jamison Thin Portal® series offers space-saving features in an aesthetically-pleasing unit suitable for light warehouse, retail, data center, and office environments. The stands offer a variety of mounting configurations, and can be used as free-standing, wall-mount, or can mount to the floor against a wall.


  • Small footprint
  • One-sided or two-sided units available
  • Side trims and top available in colors
  • Optional light dome and motion sensor
  • ABS covers available in white or black
  • Power/IP connectors can be placed at the top or bottom on either side of the unit

THIN Portals™ come in two heights- 60″ and 78″, to cover a range of applications. The Reader Cabinets include two antenna brackets (but can fit up to 4 antennas), reader plate, white ABS cover, and reader power supply bracket. Unit comes with openings for 3/4 EMT conduit.

THIN Portals™ can be configured with a Light Stack, Buzzer and Motion Sensor. This allows your RFID system to signal operators to various success and error conditions- both visually and audibly. Standard Red, Amber, Green, and alarm function.

Thin Portals Features/Benefits

  • Hardware Independent – The portal is designed to accommodate most RFID hardware and antenna designs/configurations giving the user the most scalable and flexible solution.
  • Full Antenna Movement – Uses an antenna mount that allows for vertical movement anywhere along the chassis,dramatically improving read rates of challenging items.
  • Rugged Design – Powder-coated steel construction provides a rugged structure that will hold up against rust and other structural degradation.
  • Custom Sizing – Although the portal is designed to fit most dock doorways, the structure can be ordered customized for specific applications by our engineering staff.
  • Easy Installation – The portal can be installed in under 30 minutes.
  • Easy Integration – The portal takes advantage of the latest RFID systems to allow easy integration into back-end system infrastructures.
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