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RFID Site Survey Services

¿The purpose of an RFID Site Survey is to validate your environment and requirements.

This is scheduled with a Sale Engineer for the topics below


  • Discuss physical installation of RFID Readers, Antennas and Mounting Hardware

  • Discussion on RFID tags, labels, and printers. Type of material, type of RF inlay, temperature, adhesives and general requirements

  • The selection of software for integration to your legacy system or programmable logic controller (PLC)

↓Detailed Site Surveys are Completed by Experienced Engineers and are a Fee Based Service↓


  • On-site visits to location(s)

    • Identify, measure draw up floor plan for read points
    • Determine the quantities of readers and antennas for read points
    • Determine the mounting hardware that will be required for the antennas
    • Check for interference at read points
    • The engineer(s) will test the read points with a live system and RFID labels in order to validate read performance in the environment
    • This ensures that the installed system will perform as expected
    • This will identify any environmental interference that may be present at the location
    • This will determine the size and power of the antennas required
    • The engineer will identify and document the physical characteristics of the environment
    • The engineer will validate that the proposed install locations adhere to the limitations of the RFID gear
    • The engineer will gather photographs of the various locations for inclusion in the Survey Documentation
    • The engineer will identify and document the recommended mounting locations for all readers and antennas
  • The end deliverable of the activity is a detailed document that outlines how the RFID equipment should be physically installed and how the reader software  should be configured for integration to other systems

The Dataflo Experience

Ties into a real data source so that testing can be accomplished with actual data.

Animate the items within the environment to match the required data collection process.

Choose items that match the real items to be scanned to simulate read performance.

Allows for placement of readers and antennas to simulate RFID coverage.

Custom design a floor plan to simulate your environment.

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