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You’ve heard of RFID technology before – It’s been around for sometime and is widely used, RFID inventory tracking is one area of use – but what exactly is RFID?

  • RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and to keep it simple, it’s an automated data capturing technology that identifies the labeled or tagged information wirelessly.
  • An RFID inlay/label serves a similar purpose as barcodes or magnetic strip on the back of a credit card; it provides a unique identifier wirelessly. And, just as a barcode or magnetic strip must be scanned to get the information, the RFID device must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information.
  • However, unlike barcode labels which can only function if the barcode is oriented towards the scanner and the scanner “sees” the barcode, RFID tags can work within multiple feet of a querying reader, and multiple tags can be read at once with no human intervention.

RFID is a fast evolving market with costs coming down do to early adopters. The use of the technology is far reaching from retail to government and now in distribution centers and manufacturing. Interested in learning more about RFID Technology and what it can do? Take a look at our RFID products or contact us.

Ask the Experts: Can I Use RFID to Determine the Contents of a Box or Container Without Opening It? Can RFID work on metal surfaces?

Knowing what’s inside a container without opening it provides time-saving benefits, no matter what industry you’re in. RFID technology increases productivity and reduces errors even found in barcode scanning through missed scans. RFID signals easily penetrate through a myriad of material such as cardboard, paper, shrink wrap, plastic, ceramic and even metal.

There are several applications where RFID is especially valuable. If there are priorities for processing received material, RFID makes it easy to find the most important items in a received shipment without opening any of the containers. Pallets of shrink-wrapped items can be received and inventoried quickly with the wave of a handheld RFID reader or as it moves through a portal, this applies to shipping as well. In situations where large volumes of material need to be received or shipped quickly, you can get counts in seconds without scanning barcodes or opening boxes.

Items can have their own individual RFID tag, or cartons of known counts can have tags. The tag ID is associated with the item or carton information in a database, which can be tapped for information when the reader detects the tag. This provides quick and accurate access to information about the items being received, shipped or moved without having to dig into the boxes or pallets.

There are some limitations to passive RFID when work with metal. such as, a large number of metal objects in a small space, some of the signals from the reader may be blocked, which would result in uncounted objects from the scan.

Off-The-Shelf RFID Tags

Get configurable, off-the-shelf RFID tags built specifically for medical devices (including autoclave sterilization), data center assets, cables, weapons tracking, oil wells and embedded applications. If your asset requires a more exact design, we have the ability to produce a working prototype in weeks right here in the good old USA.

Off-The-Shelf RFID Tags

Don’t Settle For “Almost Right.”

Bring in an expert, do it right the first time, it takes a great deal of knowledge to make sure the right RFID tags and labels are being used for the application. It takes time and knowledge to select the right printers for encoding the RFID inlay and the correct RFID infrastructure. Overall, there are many moving parts but an expert will make it look simple!

What Services Does Dataflo Provide?

We provide you with a competent sales engineer with extensive RFID knowledge. We ensure that your RFID needs are met exactly to your specifications with our site survey and vetting processes. You can view all of our RFID Site Survey services here.

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