Dataflo Are Proud Partners Of Datalogic

See some of the Datalogic solutions we offer in action:

With products used in the majority of supermarkets and points of sale, at major airports, at top shipping and postal services, and in the largest factories and hospitals worldwide, Datalogic guarantees its customers a complete offer that covers all the market needs and whose technology is the ultimate result of decades of expertise.

Datalogic boast 45 years of history, during which it has achieved unique results: 1,200 patents in multiple jurisdictions; 10 research centers and development (in Italy, USA, China and Vietnam); thousands of prestigious partners and customers deployed over five continents.

Multiple Decades Of Experience

With more than forty-five years of experience working with a range of different industries, you know you are in safe hands with Datalogic.

Range Of Barcode Scanners

Datalogic offers a comprehensive range of barcode scanners to meet a diverse selection of business applications from warehouse management to in-store use.

Servicing A Range Of Industries

Products designed and manufactured by Datalogic can be effectively implemented in a range of industries to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

Datalogic Barcode Scanners

From industrial applications such as warehouse management all the way to a posh retail counter, Datalogic barcode scanners are up to the task.

Why Should You Choose Dataflo & Datalogic?

Datalogic is at the forefront of data capturing technology. 

With decades of experience working with a wide variety of different types of businesses in an array of industries, Datalogic is at the forefront of data capturing technology. 

Datalogic is a great choice for business owners looking for a robust and efficient solution to streamline their business processes and to improve productivity.

Not sure where to start?

Let us help. Whether you work in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Transportation, or Retail, Dataflo will match you with the right products. Contact us today!

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