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StayLinked is the only Terminal Emulation (TE) product designed specifically for wireless environments to deliver secure high-speed terminal emulation abilities. StayLinked virtually eliminates dropped sessions allowing you to maintain and manage Telnet sessions with more confidence, reducing your support costs, and allowing you to increase income as a direct result.

Enhance Business Processes

Eliminating dropped or lost sessions and offering centralized application setup and control, StayLinked ensures your applications are always running optimally.

Speed Up

To provide a consistently fast solution, StayLinked executes host transactions locally on the host computer instead of sending telnet/SSH traffic over the wireless network.

Maintain More

StayLinked has the ability to virtually eliminate all dropped sessions, regardless of the reason, between the host application and the mobile device.

Next Generation Terminal Emulation

What is StayLinked?

StayLinked is the only Terminal Emulation (TE) product specifically designed for wireless environments. Traditional TE solutions are, by the nature of their architecture and transport layer, incapable of dealing with the real-world inconsistencies of both Wifi and Cellular wireless networks. StayLinked TE delivers very secure, high-speed terminal emulation while completely eliminating dropped sessions.

With StayLinked all interactions with the host application are executed locally on the host computer. Only small, very secure, interactions are exchanged over the wireless network with the mobile device ensuring that StayLinked delivers the most secure Terminal Emulation solution available. All Telnet or SSHv2 communications take place on the host machine and are never broadcast over the wireless network.

StayLinked virtually eliminates dropped sessions between the mobile device and the host application, reinforcing StayLinked’s unmatched record of maintaining and managing telnet sessions which dramatically reduces end user product support costs. By virtually eliminating dropped sessions, support call volume is drastically reduced, driving a direct positive effect on the bottom line.

What is SmartTE?
SmartTE provides a way to take advantage of today’s modern touchscreen devices with Terminal Emulation by transforming “green screen” application screens into easy-to-use, graphical screens with no changes to the underlying enterprise applications. While traditional Terminal Emulation is the most relied upon solution in the industry, there are great productivity improvements to be had by implementing an easy-to-use, graphical data collection application that supports modern, touchscreen devices. But there are many unknowns: high costs, long implementation cycles, and application performance risks associated with migrating away from fast and reliable Terminal Emulation “green screen” applications.

With StayLinked SmartTE you get the best of both worlds with No-Risk Application Modernization. You continue to realize the speed, reliability, and security of StayLinked TE while increasing productivity and usability with the addition of an intuitive, modern user experience.

Why Should You Choose Dataflo & StayLinked?

Easily track, monitor, and improve productivity in your business.

StayLinked allows you to easily migrate to an efficient system complete with state-of-the-art devices that can help you to track, monitor, and improve productivity in your business. Using advanced business intelligence, StayLinked offers an intuitive interface that features groundbreaking technologies that will allow you to take control of your business performance.

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