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Looking for inventory management with Salesforce CRM? Matrix velocity has you covered!

Simplifying Inventory Management with Salesforce CRM

Tired of managing multiple systems to run your business? Do you need a more efficient way to manage your sales and track inventory and be able to monitor everything from start to finish?

Matrix velocity is the best Salesforce plug-in that allows you to manage every aspect of your business with one login, in real-time! We have streamlined our system so it works seamlessly with Salesforce CRM software.

With Matrix velocity, you can manage more than just opportunities or orders – you can now have full visibility through the entire life cycle of each engagement from the opportunity, through order fulfillment, inventory management, accounting, and more!

By streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency, Matrix velocity can eliminate redundant processes across departments, helping reduce costs and make the business more profitable. Your customers will receive better service because they are always at the center of everything you do!

Starting at $50 per user per month, as low as $20 per user per month, for an end to end business engagement tool that provides insight to your business that you deserve.


Matrix velocity is designed to meet the changing needs of businesses as they continue to grow regardless of size.


Rich feature sets in Orders, Fulfillment, Inventory, Serialized Tracking, Lot Tracking & Purchasing.


Matrix velocity is truly symphonic between all business processes under one single comprehensive solution.

Our Money Back Guarantee

As a standard offering we provide a No Risk 3 Month Money Back Guarantee! Simply complete the demo request to learn more.

Matrix velocity’s release 7.0 for winter 2019 is our most comprehensive version yet! In fact, we were chosen by Insight Success in 2018 as the 10 best performing solution providers and in 2017, CIO Review chose Matrix velocity as the top 20 solution providers. 

We are so certain you will like Matrix velocity we provide a 3-month money back guarantee.

Viewing inventory in real time as quotes are being built is priceless and for those of you that use purchase orders for drop shipment, we have you covered no matter which way you fulfill orders. With our service cloud offering with entitlements you can track service and repair with labor, parts, inventory and billing for customer service work orders.

You now can use our connector to Accounting Seed which is a native application on the CRM platform for full integration of financials.

With our 7.5 release, due out in December 2018 you will have access to our manufacturing process with bill of material, manufacturing orders and assembly process.

Your front to back office, customer service & repair and manufacturing can work out of one system, one database, and one login.

Take the time for a live demo, it will be well worth it. Fill the form out below or just call us at 402-861-9454 and let us know you’re interested in a demo!

Need Recommendations For Deploying ERP Systems?

If you would like to learn more about Matrix velocity and our recommendations for deploying ERP systems, please contact us at 402-861-9454 or visit us on Salesforce Appexchange!

With Matrix velocity ...

This one business tool bridges your entire enterprise. Seamlessly integrate all areas of your entire enterprise into your Salesforce CRM.
Track margins throughout the entire sales process with cost of goods at the product level along with items on hand and available.
Sales staff will quote the right products, establishing customer expectations and deliverables, with the added confidence of accurate pricing.
Instead of sifting through part numbers, product descriptions and many phone calls, to endless emails with suppliers…with Matrix velocity, it’s done with a few mouse clicks!
Matrix velocity delivers on all business points of engagement by providing FULL visibility into the entire business process with the customers.

Ways We've Excelled At Inventory Management with Salesforce CRM & More!

Excellent Service and Fantastic CRM Application
Matrix velocity is a fantastic CRM application. The Matrix team has helped my development team and I from start to finish. They were very helpful with training and setup and continue to make sure I am happy with their product. Very satisfied customer!”

-Paul Wilson, Industry
Simple Salesforce Inventory Management and Helpful Business Process App
“We needed a way to go from quote –> order –> fulfillment –> invoice (and manage inventory) all within Salesforce. Matrix velocity met this need nicely.”

-Jonathan Rowe
Accurate Inventory Tracking and Management With Salesforce CRM
“Matrix velocity is an excellent addition to Salesforce for us. it has helped us to more accurately track our inventory. It is a solid system and the team at Matrix was very helpful from start to finish in helping us to get everything up and running. I would recommend this product over and over.”

-Lindsay Biernat, Industry
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